OT: TOMORROW - SF Pride board meeting - 6pm Tues. May 14, 30 Pearl Street (by Market & Laguna)

Here's the latest on the rescheduled SF Pride meeting. Please come out tomorrow evening and show your support for the selection of gay whistleblower Bradley Manning as one of the Grand Marshals for this year's parade happening June 29! The Pride board needs to respect the community and stand up for human rights and uphold the values of transparency and accountability and governance -- both the U.S. government's and its own!

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

           Exposing War Crimes Is Not A Crime!

Bradley Manning is now the grand Marshall of something much bigger. It doesn't matter what the board does now. Even their misconduct will serve as a galvanizing force.

Today, Mike Shipley secured the leadership of the DC contingent to receive the Bradley Manning Freedom Torch in an Independence Day ceremony, after its cross country journey in the virtual torch procession of torch ceremonies in many cities.

Leadership in Seattle and Phoenix had already been secured. News from UK, Germany, and Australia soon, as well as St. Louis, Detroit, Salt Lake, Miami, and more.

But yes! Show up and make freedom count, at the meeting too. Let them know which way the moral wind is blowing and on which side of history they want to weigh-in.

Utah is also on board, as is New Mexico and Tennessee ... more to come. The
beautiful thing about the torch parade is that they aren't illegal ...
symbolically, liberty cannot be stopped. It can be carried proudly, right
past the 2a debate, into its rightful place in DC to celebrate the 4th.

Awesome...wait til Occupy is on board, on track, and focused