OT: Stop Third Street being renamed after Willie Brown

Current San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has proposed renaming San Francisco's Third Street after former SF mayor and political wheeler-dealer Willie Brown. Brown was no friend of freedom, and as I said on the Facebook group that has been formed to oppose this misguided proposal:

"Politicians are always trying to name things after other politicians, just like politicians are always trying to raise each other's salaries. It's part of their unspoken code of scratching each other's backs by doing stuff for each other that's too politically sensitive for individual politicians to do for themselves. Very rarely are the people most deserving of recognition in a community those who are the so-called 'leaders' or elected to office. Think of the most decent, honorable people you know, who do the most for those around them -- how many of them are politicians? The only naming proposal I can think of that was a good idea was the George W. Bush sewage plant. I'm still disappointed that ballot measure didn't pass. But it's not too late to start a trend - maybe we can find something more fitting to name after Willie Brown, like a hog farm somewhere, or a tax (he's always loved taxes). Instead of Third Street, how about the 'Willie Brown Memorial City Sales Tax?'"

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