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[OT = off-topic: non-libertarian content of possible interest follows]

Triangle Taekwon Do Club will be hosting a self-defense seminar this coming
Friday, 7:30 pm.

While libertarians support the right of armed self-defense, some people do
not choose to be armed, and others may not be able to be armed at all
times. This seminar will teach some basic unarmed physical self-defense
techniques. More importantly, it will teach methods of prevention and
de-escalation, which could be of use regardless of whether one is armed or not.

I will be co-teaching this class, which is suitable for almost all ages and
all physical conditions. The class runs from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, at the
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood at 18th St., one block
west of Castro.

"This seminar is open to anyone over ten years of age, and prior seminar
attendees are most welcome to return for a refresher. The seminar is very
low impact, low stress, and high fun. It will discuss more of a mindset
change rather than practical techniques, although we will teach you some
simple techniques to help you get our of a sticky situation, or better
still, avoid it all together.

"Come dressed comfortably, bring along a towel and some water, try to
arrive at least ten minutes prior to the 7:30pm start time. Please contact
us to confirm your reservation for a space in this Free class. If you have
any questions at all, please feel free to contact us using the above

TTKDC was founded in 1998 after the murder of Matthew Shepard to provide
self-defense training for the queer community, and has since expanded its
mission to provide self-defense and martial arts instruction to all people,
especially those traditionally uninvolved with martial arts.

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Mr. Christopher R. Maden, Instructor and Public Relations Officer
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