OT: Re: Good news - Supervisors vote to audit anti-prostitution program targeted by planned ballot initiative


  What an outrageous waste, indeed! But let's not be so pessimistic -- I think we can and must succeed in putting the vice squad out of business. "Sensible police priorities or bust!" (sorry, bad joke...)

  The good news is we have just that opportunity before us, at least as far as prostitution arrests are concerned. The measure to decriminalize prostitution in SF has been relaunched, and we're already much better organized than last time around with a lower hurdle to boot, but the clock is ticking! We have until July 30 to gather 7,168 signatures. That number is lower than usual due to low voter turnout in the last election. At the same time, voter turnout in this presidential year election will undoubtedly be high. That should work in our favor if we can get the measure qualified, since liberal-oriented initiatives tend to do better in SF in high-turnout elections. The combination of these two factors make 2008 an ideal year to win this fight at the ballot box.

   Can you help us by being a circulator and getting registered voters to sign the petition? Steve Dekorte volunteered at our meeting on Saturday to help circulate. (Steve, I've got a badge, petitions, and voter registration forms here for you; is there a convenient time for you to stop by and pick them up?)

  We're specifically looking for volunteers at the Anarchist Bookfair this weekend, where the Erotic Service Providers Union will be sharing a table. It's 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday, at 9th Avenue & Lincoln in Golden Gate Park. There are vendors and interesting speakers, and if you didn't get a chance to see Maxine Doogan's film "Legalization Sucks! Decriminalize Now!" last year at the Libertarian Party of California convention in San Ramon, it will be screening again at the fair this weekend. For fair information, schedule and other details, see
http://sfbookfair.wordpress.com/speakers-schedule/ If you can help out, RSVP to me at (415) 621-7932.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))