OT: Please come to our press conference / rally today! 4:00 p.m., SF City Hall (Polk Street steps)

Since qualifying for the ballot on Friday, the measure to decriminalize prostitution in San Francisco has been getting a ton of press, and we expect more media today -- even the Bill O'Reilly Show emailed me this morning asking where it's going to be held (I didn't tell them, and said I wouldn't appear on his show without certain assurances, because he has a lack of credibility in the pro-freedom community, I'm sure he opposes our issue, and I know how he tends to treat guests!)

  If you would like to speak at the event, please let me know too! Especially if you can speak on behalf of a supportive organization. This is a historic pro-freedom effort, and with your help I believe we have a good shot to win in November! Please join the new Decriminalize Prostitution! Meetup group to keep informed of campaign happenings -- http://localpolitics.meetup.com/241/.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))