[OT] Nudists mount Constitutional challenge to proposed nudity ban in SF / protest at City Hall (Noon, Weds. 11/14)

I agree with Leslie.


I agree with Leslie too.

Since this topic refuses to go away :wink: For fun, lets take a vote.

If you were on the BOS, as the measure stands, no explanation required for your vote, how would you vote, Yes or No, in favor of the of the ban or against.

I vote YES.



Les Mangus


I'm passionately against banning peaceful behavior. The last time I looked (so to speak) wearing clothes (or not) is peaceful.

Warm regards, Michael

challenge to proposed nudity ban in SF / protest at City Hall (Noon, Weds. 11/14)



Some topics just sprout a life of their own, David, and there is nothing to be done about it.

Responding to your post made me feel I was one of the stone throwers in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," I made the effort to remove myself from that scene, and place myself in the Board of Sups (another realm where decisions actually have to be made, by somebody). Given my options, my answer could only be "Yes." Given ability to provide alternatives, my answer would be "No," followed by my already described alternative.

To reiterate (again!), the issue for me is that the government has become the arbiter, agent, enforcer. Not a good thing. The situation would be better resolved by decisions made by merchants losing revenue, residents not wanting to sit where somebody's naked body has been, etc.

The issue for other "Yes" voters might be "rights" as spelled out by libertarian thinkers vs. silly rights (or questionable behavior "that passes for liberty.")

The issue for the "No" crowd on this list might be rights of minorities, rights to demand rights, rights to do as we please.

So, I guess that is why this topic refuses to go away, I guess; it contains so much baggage!



  I love that Shirley Jackson story. A chilling tale indeed.

Love & Liberty,
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