OT: "It's Past Time To Stand Up, And Getting Later Every Minute" (Pete Hendrickson, Lost Horizons newsletter, 8/14/09)

The bigger and more powerful government becomes, the less accountable it is to the people. You can object all you want to the particular parts of government's agenda that you know about and find unconscionable, but as long as you still support the overall program of government accumulating more and more money and power in the name of things you *do* support, you're helping it become less and less accountable. And the less accountable it is to the people, the more you are likely to find it doing things with your money that you don't like -- indeed, things that you find totally abhorrent, unconscionable, and unacceptable that one dollar of your money is going to support.

  It's reassuring to think that we have a real voice, and that government is still accountable to us. Giving our public support to those who are in power, by voting for them and saying good things about their actions, helps maintain this illusion. But it's about as real as the comforting computer-generated false reality of "The Matrix." This essay is a good one to pass along to anyone you know who may doubt that out-of-control government in the United States is unsustainable and a threat to all of us.

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