OT: Attempted handgun ban cost San Francisco taxpayers nearly $800,000 (at least $380,000 of it went to a pro-freedom cause!)

Thanks, Supervisor Chris Daly & friends, for wasting more of the money we don't have, in a bid to emulate the Bush administration by destroying our Constitutional rights! Peaceful gun ownership is not a crime!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Starchild, what's the source (URL?) for that? It should be on our
LPSF.org front page. I'd say it's more important than the plastic bag
ban article currently up there.


The CATO institute has a full-page ad in the SF Chron against the 'stimulus' package which is signed by 100's of economists!

If you only read SF Gate, you can still see rendition on trial in the Jeppesen case:


Harland Harrison