Organizing the Projects to Demand Ownership

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I also like the idea of project ownership as a proposed initiative.
My idea of a first step here would be to research the applicable city
codes (as we did with the Payroll Tax Codes before witing the Payroll
Tax Initiative), and try to pinpoint the specific codes we would be

The second step perhaps should be to see if Starchild (civil
liberties initiative main proponent) and Sarosh (our resident real
property expert) are behind the proposal.

letting Project residents become homeowners wd be enormously threatening to
the SF housing authority and the City's political establishment, as it is a
source of huge corruption. the expenses pd for by Fed govt,is a way to provide
$ to local favorites at the expense of the US taxpayer.

i had some contact w/ residnts several years ago to promote the idea,
distributed flyers etc.
the residents know they are pawns being exploited, but are also scared.
anyone who can keep up a sustained info campaign, come up w/ a proposal and
ongoing support cd perhaps make headway. city hall tries to buy off leaders
of such groups, usually successfully.

it wd certainly give them something more to think abt and deal with, and cd
perhaps radicalise enough residents so that there is growing support for idea.
to succeed, this is a movement that needs actual project tenants in the

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