Ordering LP literature

Just a reminder that I have a button-making machine. If you have a design printed in 2.25 inch diameter circles, I can whip some out when I get back. I think cost is about $.30 each. Does anyone in our group have any skills at designing graphic art? If not, I would suggest asking the East Bay folks, perhaps contacting the Cal Libertarians. Let´s get something that looks graphically cool, not just usual generic lettering and statue of liberty logo type thing!

Yours in liberty,
                        <<< Starchild >>>

P.S. - Hello from Hvar island in Croatia!

Hi Starchild,

I had your button machine in mind when I mentioned the buttons; thank you for stepping up to the plate. I have some circles that Lawrence Samuels sent to me; I could post the slogans in the activists list, so we could start choosing (I am set on choosing at least a couple of ordinary LP/statue of Liberty!!)


Hi All,

Starchild has volunteered to make some buttons on his machine upon his return from Europe (about $.30 for each button). He suggests we have some designs printed on circles 2.25 inches in diameter. I will see if I can fashion something, but as you can guess by now, any design coming from me will simply say "Libertarian Party" and/or "Outright Libertarians." Any artists out there ready to come up with designs more akin to what Starchild suggests in his e-mail???

For information, as I had indicated earlier Lawrence Samuels sent us some buttons and some designs. These contain mostly slogans, excellent for their "shock value;" no art on them. I am listing the wording on these designs below, so you all can pick, choose, add your own ideas, etc.

Lawrence's buttons (most of which have 2.25" paper design circles):

"The State Sucks", "Socialism Sucks", "More Freedom Less Govt", "Don't Commit Suicide: It is Illegal to Destroy Govt. Property", "More Govt. is the Cause, Not the Solution", "Danger: the State is Hazardous to your Health", "If there is no Victim, there is no Crime", "Give Freedom a Chance", "I am Not a National Resource", "Slaves Make Lousy Defenders of Freedom", "Taxation is Legalized Theft"

Lawrence's designs on 2.25" paper (no ready-made buttons):

"Repeal Victimless Crime Laws", "Born Free, Taxed to Death", "Support Free Trade: Smuggle", "Free Choice on Everything", "Harass Your Local Politician", "End the Drug War", "Don't Lie: It is Illegal to Impersonate a Politician", "There's No Govt. Like No Govt.", "Govt. Doesn't Protect People - People Protect Govt.", "Libertarians Against the War", "Support Liberty".

Personally, I like wording that includes "Libertarian."

It would be great if we all wore at least one lapel button at the Pride Festival. Also, how much trouble would the Outright Libertarians get into if we put a basket full of button with a sign "Free Buttons - Donation appreciated".