OPH 10/23/05

Please forward the announcement that,
    Our OPH booth will be set up
        at the Berkeley Flea Market
                on Sunday, October 23.

Libertarians are invited to visit, look, talk, stay, pontificate, answer questions, administer the smallest political quiz, register voters, encourage them to vote, eat, drink, shop, donate, sell, and enjoy the drummmmmms.

    7am assignment to location and OPH booth setup
        9am open to public and community outreach
            2pm crowd seems to pick up, after Church, but before the BBQ
                    5pm close to breakdown and cleanup
                        6pm head to Chevy's for chips, dips, margaritas and beer

Hope you can join in the fun, even if just for a couple of hours. Last Sunday, Terry said that one conversation with one fellow that lasted around 10 minutes made the entire process worth while for him, learning what some people have done in the process of protesting our leaders, our governent, and our country's involvement in IRAQ.

Be careful parking, or take BART. Activists that help to Set Up, Breakdown, or work a four hour shift earn a place at the dinner table.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
CUL8R, Curt Chair EBLP, Chair Alameda LP
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