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<< This observation, as you know, is another good argument for anarchy,
showing, as it does, not only that a Constitution is useless, but so is any
(statute) law, since both mean only what they are said to mean by government agents
protecting government power. >>

The real beauty of our constitutional Republic is that "the people" have the
ultimate power. Case in point: When President Andrew Jackson threw out the
Native Americans from their native homeland, the supreme court ruled it was
unconstitutional. The decision, rendered by Justice John Marshall, declared the
forced removal of the Cherokee Nation to be illegal, unconstitutional and against
treaties made. President Andrew Jackson, who had the executive responsibility
of enforcement of the laws, stated, "John Marshall has made his decision; let
him enforce it now if he can." President Jackson got away with this flagrant
violation because, "the people" were on his side. In this war with Iraq, you
so opposed, we not only had the people but the law as well. Where the people
have the ultimate power, a bastard form of anarchy....some will be pleased with
the decision and some will not. Hardly an argument for true anarchy.

Live free or die, Michael S.

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