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For better or worse, the legality of warlike operations is determined by
Congress and Congress declared war after 9/11/01. It's going to be a very long
war. People keep talking about Iraq as if it is an isolated "War" requiring its
own declaration of war. That's not real. Iraq is a battle, much as the loss of
Norway in WW II was a battle. Whether the people support this battle or that is
a political issue to be resolved in elections but it is not a legal issue.
Possibly, "lies" about Iraqi arms could become a political issue in the next
election, but if it does it will tell us the Democrats have lost touch with teh
electorate (as the republicans had in 1944 with Dewey). The electorate wants,
after 9/11, the most victory with the fewest bodybags. Are we surprised
Presidents lie? Even Eisenhower did, about the U-2. Bill Clinton "lied about
sex." I doubt that Bush lied about weapons known to have existed, but even if
he did the only remedy is the ballot box, because a Republican House will not
impeach a Republican president as that would violate the 11th Commandment.
Honesty is not a pre-requisite to sovereignty. The issue is how to discipline
the sovereign short of Jefferson's periodic bloody revolutions.