Only Two Days Left for Plan Bay Area Online Town Hall

Hi All! The central planners are conducting an online "town hall" to gauge public opinion about Plan Bay Area. Of course most of the public has never even heard of Plan Bay Area, but they want it to look like the process has been "democratic." Now is a good time to go to their website and post a few comments about the 25-year plan for 7.2 million residents. The town hall will be over on Thursday at 4 PM, so I wouldn't dilly dally if you're going to make the worthwhile effort. Here's the link: You have to register to post or support comments, but that can be done easily in 2 minutes. By the way, when you click on the chapters to read them (if you have time), they take several minutes to open, but they do open eventually.

The bureaucrats are planning to wrap up the whole thing and make the final decision in the summer, so this is one of the last chances to make your voice heard.