One Hundred Year Fed Protest - Nov. 22 at 13 Fed banks nationwide

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  Thanks for writing about this. I didn't have any immediate knowledge of Fed protests planned up here, but your email prompted me to look online, where I discovered that nationwide anti-Fed protests are apparently being planned for November 22 at all 13 Federal Reserve banks including San Francisco -- .

  It sounds like the organizers are thinking along similar lines to you guys in terms of focusing on showcasing the agorist/barter/alternative currency solutions:

The 13 Alternative Markets (Coming to all regional Fed Banks this November!):

On one side of the Fed bank we will have a market made up of local vendors and the general public troves and treasures and they will only accept alternative currencies, no lousy FRNs! And the other side will be a currency exchange center, where alternative currency providers will take your worthless Fed notes and give you real currency to barter with! This will hopefully set into motion the circulation of alternative currencies and hopefully bring some light to the problems and solutions to central banking. RSVP today, and tell a friend!

(After joining the event, find the nearest rally to you by clicking 'see more' at the end of this description)

On November 22nd (The day in 1910 that the world's elite bankers convened in secret at Jekyll Island to draft the Federal Reserve Act), we will gather at and surround the 12 Branch Banks and the Board of Governors in Washington D.C. and expose their crimes and manipulation of our economic and political systems and offer and demonstrate the solutions!

Facebook Page:

  If you haven't irrevocably committed to December 23, I would suggest rescheduling your event for November 22 in light of the above, or at least being aware to hopefully do something on that date as well.

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Great idea!

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The fed will move offshore, making another currency the reserve currency.
The US will have committed economic suicide.