One day at the White House commissary

Hello all,

Here's a true story.

One day, while three White House staffers were going to lunch at the
White House commissary, they saw Barack and Hillary sitting at a table
with papers, maps and photos spread out in front of them, as they
engaged in animated conversation.

As the staffers stopped and watched (from a discrete distance,
maintained by Secret Service agents, when they're not engaged in
philandering), other staffers joined them, followed by members of the
White House press corps.

Then someone among the growing crowd asked, "Excuse me, Mr. President,
Madam Secretary. You seem to be busy about something that's no doubt
very important. Would you mind telling us what you're doing?"

"No problem," Barack replied. "The Secretary and I are planning an
invasion of Iran. We are planning to send in 10,000 American troops,
along with hundreds of tanks, bombers and missiles. We estimate that in
the first week of fighting, thousands of Iranians will be killed and one
puppy dog!"

The collective gasps that followed was almost deafening. When the
ensuing hubbub quieted, someone plaintively asked, "Mr. President,
Madame Secretary, with all due respect, but why do you want to hurt a
puppy dog?"

At which Barack and Hillary looked at each other and smiled. Then
Hillary, with a glint in her eyes, said, "We were right, no one is going
to care about the Iranian people."

You can't make this up.