on David Nolan’s resolution condemning Barr

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The campaign was clearly mismanaged, and atrociously so, by
Shane Cory and Russ Varney.
Russ didn't know what to do without a checkbook with scores
and scores of millions in it. This unlike when he ran the Ross
Perot Campaigns many years ago.
Shane Cory melted down and had tantrums when things didn't
go right, or when he didn't get his way. Having known him
and worked with him for years, I had never seen this side of
him before. He displayed this behavior on a near daily basis,
since in real life and especially Campaigns, things don't
always go as you hope.
Bob Barr did what a good Candidate should do, and that's
to be the Candidate and not try and run the Campaign.
Unfortunately, this was the rare instance of the exception
proving the rule. He should have somehow bailed out on
those two clowns and changed leadership at his campaign.
Some have pointed out that with the small budget, no one
good in the business would make themselves available,
so Mister Barr was stuck with Corey and Verney.
I am quite sure this was true with 'big name' Campaign
Managers and advisors, but there were many DC types
with the education and experience to do the job that
would have happily taken the work.
Nolan's big picture idea is correct, that we should be
unhappy with how another big Libertarian opportunity
was squandered.
Some of the wording in the resolution I disagreed with, but
not by much.
The main thing I disagree with, and Wayne Root pointed out,
is how it would be a huge PR mistake for us to berate our
past standard bearers for being poor campaigners and
businesspeople to the world. (Again, thanks for Aaron
Starr's leadership for asking Wayne the question.)
As far as the Keaton resolution, the same people who
screamed bloody murder about how 'unfair' and 'mean'
this was, did the same thing, for less reason, to Bill
Redpath and Aaron Starr, not too long before the Keaton
resolution was brought forward.
It's like people screaming "Purge!" when Libertarians worried
about Mary Ruwart's child porn position. It's those self-
same Libertarian extremists who called for the expulsion
(that's purging, folks!) of people who didn't agree with them
on foreign policy or abortion.
Why is it ok for the extremists, but not ok when someone
else does it back to them?
I guess I'm not smart enough to figure that one out.
Bruce Cohen - December 2008