Off-topic - Friend seeking live-in cook/gardener/caregiver situation

My friend Mark is seeking some kind of live-in situation where he can provide some kind of household assistance in exchange for a place to live while working on a memoir:

I need a safe and secure place to live where I can contribute to the household in some manner (e.g. housekeeper, cook, gardener, caregiver, etc.) while having enough free time to work on my writing. This is the only outlet I can think of for which I have talent, and which would also allow some kind of unconventional and independent income.

Those who know, know I'm no danger; that I'm honest, considerate, and dependable, etc. I'm a gay male, 54, more info on request.

  Location is not as important as a stable arrangement. If you have such a living situation potentially available or know someone who does, please write him directly at <wildesocrates@...>.

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