OFF TOPIC - ATT Yahoo Browser Users

Dear All;

Do any of you use the ATT Yahoo browser
and have found the bookmarks and their
folders do not load. I have this problem on
both my home and work computer with ATT
yahoo browser. The interesting point is on
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox the
yahoo toolbars do load the bookmarks.

If it was just one or the other then a computer PC
error could be the problem but not both of them
at the same time with the same problem.

I am suspecting a yahoo browser/network
error of some kind but having some
additional validation would be useful.

Then I can go to the wonderfull yahoo people
and ask them what's happening with the yahoo
ATT browser function.


Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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If you've got a broadband internet connection through AT&T, you aren't required to use their customized browser (but they would prefer that you do so, as they earn advertising revenue through that portal).

But as you can see, you can run Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other kind of browser to get the features you want to use. This is why competition is a very good thing! Try out different browsers and see which one "fits" the way you want to interact with the network. If you like the speed with which Chrome renders pages, but are concerned about privacy issues, you can download SRWare's Iron browser (, built around the same rendering engine as Chrome, but without any of Google's analyzers in the code, creating a profile of your web surfing habits and targeting advertising to your tastes. Iron doesn't transmit that data to any "mothership" servers, and just caches URLs locally so you can go back to them more quickly. You can even configure it to delete the cache when you close the application (much like Safari and Firefox).

Browsers are generally free utilities, but when "you get what you pay for," you might as well get something that suits your particular individual needs.