October 30 was the First Annual Government Sucks Day

Dear All,

Coalition of small government folks established "Government Sucks Day" in Texas. We need to put this on our calendars for next year and celebrate!



Dear Marcy

I propose we put the date as Nov. 5th in honor of Guy Fawkes - then we can jointly celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by blowing up a government which sucks. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this article. Government Sucks Day is a great idea! I like the distinction the article makes between Libertarians who dislike all forms of government (big, small, liberal and conservative) and Republicans who only dislike liberal forms of big government. Of course, the same hypocrisy is true of liberals who belly ache about Bush and worship Obama. Also, I learned a new word from the article: astroturfers.

All the best,

Don Fields

Dear Ron,

Nope! This has to be a world-wide holiday. Everybody celebrate same day! And no blowing ups at all!!


Hi Don,

I thought the distinction was interesting also! But, since my mantra has been for libertarians to forge alliances, I would even take the astroturfers!



Dear Marcy;

Not even colorful balloons??? :frowning: