October 27 Rally

Hi All,

At the last LPSF meeting, we voted to endorse the October 27 Antiwar
Rally. LPSF and LPCA are on the list of endorsers on the www.oct27

Now there is an opportunity to do some outreach at this Rally. We can
informally distribute literature among the crowd, or we can formally
submit a proposal to participate in the Rally's "Convergence".

According to the Oct27 website, the Convergence's objective if to
"draw passive opponents of the war who attend the demonstration into
ongoing activity against the war and occupation through direct
one-on-one and small group engagement with antiwar and related
organizations." This is all going to happen at Dolors Park.

Proposal guidelines state that each proposal 1) should involve more
than one organization (in our case we might consider LPSF, LPCA, Marc
Joffe's Stop Funding the War, and the S.F. Ron Paul Meetup); 2)
activity must engage people interactively; 3) must relate to ending
the war and the occupation; 4) interested organizations must "endorse
the demonstration, must mobilize their constituents for it, and
contribute materially to the day (financially or in-kind)."

I have posted this announcement in the S.F. Ron Paul Meetup also. If
there is interest, let's do it.