Oct. 22 hearing on $250,000 judgment against me


Thanks to Marcy for mentioning the hearing at the party web page. I wonder if you could amend it to link to Ballot Access News? What you have doesn't really explain that the issue in the hearing is not on the election law itself, but on whether people who file lawsuits against unjust election laws should be threatened with punitive punishment.

Richard Winger
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Ah, you are correct. I will change the wording. I wanted to say something about the law itself for those not familiar with the case and I got sidetracked.



One of the LPSF Facebook friends asked if the lawsuit opposing the Top Two law would be appealed to a higher court. I do not know, so I could not respond to his question. If you like you could post yourself on Facebook in response, or just respond here, and I will post on Facebook.