Obama To Sign UN Declaration Decriminalizing Homosexuality

Dear All;

The Obama administration has announced
it will endorse a UN declaration calling
for the worldwide decriminalization of
homosexuality which the Bush administraion
had declined to sign.

Bush stated he had reservations about
the declaration language because there are
several states where landlords and employers
can discriminate regarding sexual orientation.

And the US military has the don't ask don't
tell policy which has resulted in some 11,000
gays and lesbians being forced out of the military.

I might add at the cost of literally several hundred
million dollars of time and effort in training
thoroughly lost at a time the military is having
just a little trouble recruiting qualified applicants
and is definitely currently bottom feeding in background
and education and criminal record and membership
in various Aryan groups. Lots of waivers being issued.

Using strict Libertarian principles those employers
would have the right as well as the landlords as
well as store proprietors having the right to
discriminate against anyone they darn well
chose to discriminate against regardless of race
creed color religion or sexual orientation
and so on and so forth.

Which made for some interesting editorial commentary
by Libertarians saying a landlord or and employer
or a diner could discriminate in the 1950's when
blacks were getting beaten up and jailed throughout
the South for trespassing at public lunch counters
by daring to go to a public lunch counter and
asking to get a meal and willing to pay for the meal.
Without having to go to the back kitchen door
and begging to get a meal.

This made for an interesting event during WWII
when some German prisoners of war were being
transferred to farms out west and passing through
the South and getting fed in the main dining with
their MP escorts. While black soldiers had to go around
to the kitchen door to get fed. This is an actual
well documented event which occurred.

Of course at the time public parks and public
swimmimg pools and public schools were already
off limits as well as voting registration.

Now get to the back of the bus and stay there.

Ah yes I love the smell of fresh dichotomy
supporting Jim Crow first thing in the morning. :slight_smile:



Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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