Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Repeal The BILL OF RIGHTS To Support The President

OMG! Our country is doomed! Look at how ready and willing Obama supporters are to give up our hard-earned constitutional rights!!


"Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."
--Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791

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Yes...so long as WE keep doing what WE have been doing.

Thanks for the post, Nina. Made my day! I would tend to side with the interviewer that the signers possibly did not even know what "repeal" means. Similar experience when we give people the World's Smallest Political Quiz. Some cannot read well enough to make out what is being asked, some need to ask what certain words mean, some are not familiar with the issues (many do not know what a national ID card is). And by "some" I do not mean a small minority; I mean a number significant enough that should cause concern as to the choices so many are making at the polls.


That’s unfortunately an excellent point, Marcy. About 15 years ago a colleague of mine conducted a large national telephone survey on sexual behavior, and at the end of interview he said that some people had trouble understanding some of the terms they had used, like “vaginal intercourse” or “anal intercourse,” and asked if the respondents had had any difficulty. Overall, 2% or 3% admitted some difficulty understanding the terms; but, in a demographic breakdown, that percentage shot up to around 12% in the category of separated or divorced. The investigator had not noticed that feature of his data, but I suggested, of course, that that might be the reason those people were separated or divorced.

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