Obama - good decent, honest man?

Dear Steve;

That is what happens when you have the
"democracy" known as the tyranny of the
50% plus 1. However, the one thing people
miss historically with that situation of state
legislatures electing senators was when the
state told a senator how to vote on an issue
of importance to the state and the senator did
not vote the way they were told to vote they
got fired. This did happen on several different
occassions before the "right to elect by the people"
came about and further centralized government.

The simplest thing to get senators once again
elected by the legislatures is to require a 2/3's
vote of all members of the legislature. This way
at least some of the log rolling would be taken
away and make senators accountable to the
states not to lobbyists and major fund raisers.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Could you explain how effectively giving state legislatures the votes of the senators makes the people of the state more in control of the vote? Are you suggesting that the legislators of a state represent the will of the people more than a direct vote by the people themselves?

Ron & Steve;

  The purpose behind state appoints of US Senators had nothing to with direct elections. It was another component of the 'checks and balances' system whereby state interests were protected.

How do state reps represent the states more than state citizens?

The state representatives represent the people for the internal affairs of the states; the senators protected states' rights at the national level.