Obama Evader

Obama Evader
Sunday, November 11, 2012 – by Staff Report
Obama answers questions about the CFR and Patriot Act ... In this video, Obama says that he sees no evidence towards a continental government, yet in other videos he has stated ... "world order that I think we'd all like to see." – YouTube

Dominant Social Theme: All of this conspiracy talk is paranoid and unproductive.

Free-Market Analysis: Thank goodness for the Internet. Even if you are an Obama supporter, this 2008 video should shock you. In it, Obama sidesteps questions about his membership in the elitist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and professes to be profoundly troubled by then-President George W. Bush's executive orders reducing US constitutional freedoms.
Today, we know that Obama did nothing to defend US civil liberties once he was put in office. Not only did he not reduce George Bush's most invasive executive orders, he added to them. Notably, Obama created a list of US citizens that his administration believes pose an imminent threat to the nation and should be assassinated via drone targeting if possible.
It has been pointed out that killing citizens without due process is profoundly authoritarian and violates every aspect of constitutional rights. Dangerous or not, those who the administration believes are an "imminent threat" still are entitled to due process. For some reason, Obama and those who surround him believe they are not.

What's also troubling, from our point of view, is the reverence with which the audience treats Barack Obama, thanking him for not taking "lobbyist" funds (whatever that means) and applauding enthusiastically as he evades one question after another.
Listen to Obama dodge the real issue – that he is the globalists' point man in the US, the individual the power elite plans to elevate still higher. There is a reason Obama will not reveal his background; it likely shows quite clearly who he really works for ... and why.

Now that Obama has been elected again, many of the more profoundly authoritarian agendas that he was reluctant to exercise in his first term may be efficiently and unapologetically deployed.
One thing we can certainly expect, however: He won't admit to them.
(Video from ArtGoddess8's YouTube user channel.)

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