[oaklandprivacyworkinggroup] Dept of Commerce: privacy / data security concerns substantially affecting Americans' behavior

It's good that people are becoming more aware about this issue. As an activist who's out there in the public, I'm not too concerned personally that someone might be reading my emails and such – if government snoops are reading, maybe they will learn a thing or two. :slight_smile: But I've definitely become less likely to provide extensive personal info to websites. Any site or app that wants you to fill out a detailed profile or webform, or to let them have access to your profile on another site like Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube or LinkedIn is making it easier for government, hackers, identity thieves, etc., to harvest your data. Many people's systems (e.g. Apple and Microsoft operating systems, Apple or Android phones) are designed to lead people into using certain sites and apps, and are probably tracking what you do online. Some search engines like Google track your searches (Startpage.com is a more privacy-respecting alternative).

  Many of these companies, sites and apps may "only" be seeking to use the information they gather about you in order to sell you stuff, or to "sell you" to other advertisers who want to market to people with specific profiles. If you don't have a problem with companies making money off you at the expense of your privacy without sharing any of those revenues with you, you may not consider this a problem, but their invasiveness also makes it easier for governments and other nefarious entities/individuals to scoop up your data. Covering webcams or pointing them at the wall, etc., when you aren't using them is also a good idea – although it's probably relatively rare, it is possible to access your computer remotely to spy on you via these cameras.

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