Oakland City Council debate TONIGHT on "Domain Awareness Center" (data collection for NSA spying?)

Just heard this was going on (see details in flier below and more at http://occupyoakland.org/ai1ec_event/stop-domain-awareness-center-rally/?instance_id=258420)…

  There was a rally at 530pm, and the Council meeting apparently started at 630pm, but will likely last until around 11pm or later:

Oakland City Hall (a block from 12th Street Oakland BART station)
1 Frank H Ogawa Plz Oakland, CA 94612. Am told you have to enter through the side door after hours.

  According to Occupy Oakland, which is opposing this planned local surveillance using federal money, the Council will also be discussing support for the planned eminent domain action in Richmond of the city government seizing foreclosed homes from banks. Of course this government abuse of property rights should also be opposed (although Occupy predictably supports it):


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