NYTimes.com: 'The Jungle,' Again

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Dear All; The NY Times weighs in on the Postville, IA kosher meatpacking plant imbroglio with a fairly decent editorial. The reference to "The Jungle" is historically important. When published in 1906 it became a national best seller. Upton had written it to show the plight of workers however it turned out to be the early 1900's version of PETA. Teddy Roosevelt used the novel as an impetus to start the Food and Drug Administration. Before he did this he sent government agents to the Packing Yards in Chicago to find out if what Upton Sinclair novelized was as bad. The agents reported back it was 100 times worse. Roosevelt even coined "muckrackers". Sinclair eventually ran and almost won the California governors race in 1934 with the slogan of: End Poverty in California. Ron Getty-SF Libertarian Hostis res Publica Morte ai Tiranni

OPINION | August 1, 2008
Editorial: 'The Jungle,' Again

The plea deal offered to the illegal immigrants arrested in Postville, Iowa, is enforcement run amok.