NYTimes.com: Select Hospitals Reap a Windfall Under Child Bill

But it's for The Children!



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Dear Everyone; There they go again. The Democrats are using language in the Child Health Bill to change the Medicare reimbursement status of selected hospitals. This is done by not specifically naming the hospital but by naming the geographic location of the hospital then having that geography included as if it were in a nearby major city. Thus the Medicare reimbursement rate goes up even though the hospital is as much as 100 miles away from a city and its higher economic cost factors. Pork pork pork. Your tax dollars at work even when you didn't know it or want it. Ron Getty SF Libertarian

   WASHINGTON | August 12, 2007
      Select Hospitals Reap a Windfall Under Child Bill
   The House bill makes the hospitals difficult to identify, despite promises by Congress to end the secrecy of earmarks.
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