NYTimes.com: Panel Finds Palin Abused Authority in Firing State Official

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Dear All;

The report issued says Palin abused authority. Please note for all the claims about the panel being biased the panel was made up of 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats. It is also apparent the First Dude had way too much access to the governor's office. Hmmm I wonder why that? :slight_smile:

There is the possibility of an impeachment proceeding against Palin because of a blowback from the Sen. Ted Stevens trial and dismissed false evidence. An opinion on that is here:


Ah yes politics. Abuse of authority? Is that gambling going on in the back room?

Good thing the Palin-McCain campign issued that exoneration where Palin pardoned herself for crimes against the state and excommunicated herself from any further proceedings.

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U.S. / POLITICS | October 11, 2008
Panel Finds Palin Abused Authority in Firing State Official
A legislative committee investigating Gov. Sarah Palin found she unlawfully abused her authority by firing the state's public safety commissioner.