NYTimes.com: Maine Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

tradergroupe@... wrote:

Dear All; FYI. Now if only California could get on board the train
before it pulls out of the station. Hello California Supreme Court.

Don’t get ahead of yourself... Maine is now in the same position
California was before Prop. 8. Maine has a “people’s veto” referendum
process, and the paperwork to overturn the same-sex marriage law has
already been filed. So while MA, CT, and IA are solid, due to state
supreme court rulings, and VT looks stable, ME is still in play. We are
waiting for the governor’s decision in NH; the General Court definitely
did not have a veto-proof margin, so if he vetoes it, it’s dead here for
another two years. RI... well, RI is absurdly parochial and about
twenty years behind the rest of the region in everything else, so why
not this? (Off to get a New York System, a tonic, and a cabinet...)