NYTimes.com: Hell Nay, We Won't Pay!

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Dear All; It's that time of the year again when the news articles and stories come out about "tax cheats". This one is notable because it starts with a Libertarian activist who became a IRS bomber in the 90's. It also covers other tax evasion schemes and tax deniers and protestors. I work for a tax attorney and based on our tax clients I can say people pay more than they need to in taxes and could pay less if the tax laws weren't so arcane, thick and dense. Ron Getty - SF Libertarian Hostis Res Publica Morte Ai Tiranni Dum Spiro,Pugno

MAGAZINE | March 29, 2009
Hell Nay, We Won't Pay!
The arcane, obsessive and, well, way-way-out-there arguments (and characters) of the tax-denial movement.