NYTimes.com: Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication

Didn't this woman file suit against the gov. There by reconizing authority.
Gov position: will only target merchants will quell such issues. Indivisual rights to manufacture and interprise is where the battle lies. Winning consuption causes has delayed the war.
Anxious attorney assumptions, based on views at that time, then having decissions later timed, waste precious energies.
The fight is in doing whatever one pleases as long as it doesn't harm (knowingly) another.
Which raises the question of public consumption: done rudely is a voilation of indivisual right.
Earlier. I was against public smoking authority. But now realizes everyone need be considered publically.
Such is a lessoning (not necessarily lessening) of freedom, an indivisual right, to exist regardless of any and everything.
I believe in archarism, but I'm also a victim of " love one another". Of which, I attempt to further political views...
I despise gov compromise by which reconizes authority.
With you, nieghbor, we can exist (togehter). Whether indivisua, civil or criminal!


  If you believe in anarchism, you can't be for regulation of public marijuana smoking by government. It's a contradiction -- anarchists don't think there should be any government.

  As for rudeness, I would say it is a violation of civility, not of individual rights. If people had the inherent, natural *right* not to be offended, that would prevent other people from exercising freedom of speech and expression. Clearly there can be no such right to be treated politely, although in terms of *civil* (legal) rights I agree that polite behavior should be required by law from government employees.

  For everyone else, politeness should be enforced by social pressure. But social pressure in moderation -- people should also strive to take a lighter approach to life and not be offended so easily. Even if someone were to have marijuana smoke deliberately blown in their face on the street as a provocation, this would be mainly an assault on the person's dignity. Any actual or potential harm from such an incident would be almost immeasurably slight, much less for instance than from being deliberately cut off in traffic. An appropriate measured response might be a cutting insult such as, "Thanks, I was starting to get a whiff of your body oder, but the marijuana covered it right up." If someone is merely enjoying a smoke in public in a visible or smell-able (anyone know the proper word for this?) manner, I don't personally think it's any ruder than doing the same with a cup of coffee.

  But as long as dying people are still being legally denied the ability to save their lives by using marijuana as medicine, all such questions of social etiquette take a far back seat to the overwhelming need for decriminalization.

Love & liberty,
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