NYTimes.com: Cities Turn to Fees to Fill Budget Gaps

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Dear All; A NY Times article about cash-for-crash. Where cities to "fill the budget gap" are billing for cops and firefighters who respond to crash scenes. States and cities are also looking at other unusual sources to cover "budget shortfalls". A special study over a 14-year period showed a strong correlation between a dip in government revenue and a rise in ticket-writing by the police. Gosh I wonder what would happen if states and cities looked at ways to cut their budgets? Ron Getty-SF Libertarian Hostis Res Publica Morte Ai Tiranni Dum Spiro,Pugno Alutua Continua

BUSINESS | April 11, 2009
Cities Turn to Fees to Fill Budget Gaps
With budgets under strain, municipalities are imposing or raising a host of fees to raise revenue; some charge for things like responding to auto accidents.