NYTimes.com: A Candidate Runs to a G.O.P. Chorus of 'Don't'

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Dear Everyone; An even handed article on the Bob Barr Libertarian presidential campaign courtesy of the NY Times. This along with AP articles has given a Libertarian presidential candidate more news articles in one month than the last 4 contenders combined. Plus there's the Fox TV interview tomorrow with Chris Wallace. Nice press results for the Libertarian name - now let's try to capitalize with the Libertarian message: Less Taxes Less Government No Subsidies No Tariffs No Warfare-Welfare No Government Alphabet Agencies No Social Security-Medicare-Medicaid No War on Poverty No War on Drugs No GWOT = Free Market Economic Growth For Everyone. Then the real Axis of Evil: Big Government Big Unions Private Eneterprise Big Business should cease to exist. Then we all would live in a much more pleasant peaceful prosperous world. Something like the happy endings of those Walt Disney animated movies - like Snow White or Bambi or Cinderella. Ron Getty - SF Libertarian Hostis res Publica

U.S. / POLITICS | June 28, 2008
A Candidate Runs to a G.O.P. Chorus of 'Don't'
Bob Barr, a Republican turned Libertarian, hopes to follow in the third-party footsteps of Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.