NRATV (Colion Noir show) on San Francisco homelessness & dirty streets

The episode of the Colion Noir show on NRATV for which I was interviewed a couple months ago, about homelessness and dirty streets in San Francisco, is now online:

  The whole thing is surprisingly short, only fourteen and a half minutes, and kind of has the flavor of something you might see on the evening news. I was hoping for a bit more detailed discussion/analysis. There are some good observations and quotes, but I'm not sure there's enough background/substantiation to create a very persuasive whole. Typical of filming for TV or the movies, most of what we taped was apparently left on the proverbial cutting room floor, more's the pity.

  Despite the brief nature of the show, they have separate links for some of the interviews in the clip, including mine. So if you want to see only the minute and a half that I'm on camera (aside from a very short bit at the beginning of the episode), here's that link:

  Colion and his crew were good to work with, and I do appreciate NRATV taking a generally libertarian-friendly perspective (critical of government's role in the homelessness crisis, and not demonizing the homeless themselves).. They chose not to mention my Libertarian affiliation, but given the piece's short length I can understand that decision.

Love & Liberty,

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