NRA vs. Ron Paul

I'm pretty sure you've already heard about the article below:

GOP weary of judicial struggle

April 20, 2003


NRA vs. Ron Paul

The National Rifle Association is considering opposing Rep. Ron Paul,
champion of gun rights, in next year's Texas Republican primary. Paul
evoked the NRA's ire April 9 by opposing a bill that would order
and state courts to immediately dismiss lawsuits against gun makers
gun sellers.

Paul always has defended Second Amendment protection for gun owners.
However, he objected to Congress legislating against state rights. The
bill carried, 285-140. Only three Republicans--Paul and two
liberals--voted against it.

The gun lobby is split on Paul. While the NRA wants to challenge him,
the Gun Owners of America are in full support.


When you first saw this article you probably reacted as I did. That
that this couldn't possibly be true. The NRA would not even consider
making trouble for Dr. Paul, as he is the premier defender of the 2nd
Amendment in Congress.

My friend Michael Franks thought the same way too. So he called the
NRA's Washington office and asked them to squash this rumor so we
all get on with our lives and chalk this Novak article up to a

The NRA folks he talked to said that they were not going to recruit
someone to run against Dr. Paul. Despite this denial, he came away
this conversation concerned that they still would be willing to create
trouble for Dr. Paul. Michael thinks that they may try to get some
publicity on this vote in Dr. Paul's district and convince people that
he is
somehow anti-gun.

This is where you come in. Can you get in touch with the NRA and
explain to them that it would not be a good idea to mess with Dr.
Paul? One
NRA phone number is 1-800-672-3888. Another is 202-651-2560, the
to speak to there is Ben Dupuy (pronounced like Doopwee). If you call
after 4:30 Central time you can leave him a voice mail. The
will tell you how if you hang on and listen all the way through.

If you would like some talking points, here is an idea:

1. The NRA would not gain anything by getting into a conflict with Ron
Paul supporters in Texas. All they would do would be to split
gun-rights folks. And most of them would side with Dr. Paul.

2. Dr. Paul is a more consistent, no-compromise 2nd Amendment
than the NRA (of the whole Constitution for that matter). If they
disagree with him on something, it is probably they who are wrong.

3. The NRA won the vote. They don't need to blame anyone about the
vote, because they got exactly what they wanted.

4. Michael mentioned in passing that there were people in Texas who
would "take a bullet" for Ron Paul. That sort of floored the DC fella,
he kind of didn't believe it. Michael replied evenly that yes, if
someone were to point a gun at Dr. Paul he would indeed step in
between him
and the shooter. If you don't want to take up a lot of their time,
tell them "I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul."

Please be nice to them. We're all on the same side, they just need
reminding of that. Then hopefully this will all blow over.

Please feel free to pass on this message. If anyone asks how how to
in touch with me, please give them this e-mail address:

Thanks and regards,
Rob Booth
Houston, Texas