November Ballot Initiatives Vote At LPSF Meeting 9-12-09

Dear All;

Attached and listed below are the 5 ballot initiatives for the SF Nov. 3 ballot. Please read them over. The 5 have listed the straw vote taken at the August LPSF meeting. There are also URL link through to the actual ballot wording - if they work - ???

Please review the ballot and the digest of each and see you at the LPSF meeting Saturday Sept. 12 at 3:00 pm at 170 Hawthorne meeting room to vote on the 5 initiatives.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Prop. A - Charter Amendment: Budget Process

Process - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Process - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

Straw Poll Vote: 6 – Yes 1 – No 3 – No Recommendation

The Charter establishes procedures and deadlines
the City must follow in adopting a budget, entering contracts, adopting labor
agreements, and posting advance public notice of proposed City actions.

and Contracts

The Charter governs the budget as follows:
Every year the City adopts a budget for the next
fiscal year.
The Charter does not require the City to have a
long-term financial plan.
The budget is not required to follow specific
financial policies.
Before the City enters a contract, the Controller
must certify that funds are or will be available during that fiscal year for
the contract.


Labor agreements for miscellaneous employees
(most City employees) must be
adopted by the Board of Supervisors (Board) by
June 30 to be effective for the City's next fiscal year, beginning July 1.
Labor agreements for police, firefighters and other safety employees may be
adopted at any time during the fiscal year. If the Board adopts a safety
employee labor agreement after July 1, the new agreement generally applies to
that fiscal year dating back to July

The Charter requires the Board to publish advance
notice of proposed City actions in a newspaper or newspapers annually selected
as the City's official newspaper. This notice requirement applies to actions
such as special meetings, reductions in service at libraries and health
facilities, changes to MUNI routes and schedules, and transfer of property
owned by the City. The Board is also required to publish notice of ordinances that
have been passed and resolutions that have been adopted.


Proposition _A_ is a Charter amendment that would
amend Charter provisions
concerning the budget, contracts, labor
agreements and public notice.

and Contracts

Proposition _A_ would amend Charter provisions
concerning the budget as follows:

Each year the City would adopt a two-year budget.
This new process could
begin for some departments in 2010 and would
begin for the rest in 2012. This
process would be implemented in two ways:
o The normal procedure would be for departments to
develop a rolling twoyear
budget that would be adopted annually.
o The Mayor and the Board could instead establish
fixed two-year cycles for
some or all departments. For those departments,
the two-year budget
would be adopted every two years.
TheCitywould be required to adopt a five-year financial plan. The plan
include a forecast of expenditures and revenues,
and proposed actions to
balance them in light of strategic goals.

In addition, the City would be required to adopt
long-range financial policies by a two-thirds vote of the Board. These policies
would include, at a minimum:

o Creation and maintenance of adequate reserve
o Use of unpredictable or unstable revenues
o Management of the City’s debt, and
o Financial measures to enable the City to recover
from earthquake, fire,
flood or other disaster.

The City could not adopt a budget that the
Controller found was inconsistent with
these financial policies. By a two-thirds vote of
the Board, the City could suspend one or more of these financial policies for
one year.

Before the City enters a contract, the Controller
would certify that funds would be available to make payments as the contract

Proposition A would change the deadlines for
submitting and adopting labor
agreements, and would impose the same deadlines
for agreements with miscellaneous and safety employees. New agreements would
have to be submitted to the Board by May 10 or May 15 to become effective July
1. This deadline would be extended by 45 days if the Board rejected a proposed
labor agreement. A new agreement submitted after the deadline would not be
effective until July 1 of the following fiscal year, unless it reduced the cost
to the City or imposed no new costs.


Proposition _A_ would remove the Charter
requirement that certain Board notices be published in a newspaper or
newspapers annually selected as the City's official newspaper. The Board would
decide how to publish these notices and adopt an ordinance stating its chosen
methods of publication.

PROP. B - Charter Amendment: Board of Supervisors

of Supervisors Aides - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

of Supervisors Aides - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

Straw Poll Vote: 0 –Yes 10 – No 0 – No Recommendation

The Charter states that each member of the Board
of Supervisors shall have two staff members (aides).

Proposition _B_ is a Charter Amendment that would
delete the requirement that each member of the Board of Supervisors have two


Park Naming Rights

Straw Poll Vote: 2 – Yes 3 – No 5 – No Recommendation

The City owns a sports stadium at Candlestick
Point, called CandlestickPark, that it leases to the San Francisco49ers (49ers). That lease terminates in 2013,
subject to the 49ers' options to extend the lease through 2023.

In July 2004, the City and the 49ers entered into
a contract that gives the 49ers the exclusive right to sell the naming rights
to the stadium. Under the contract, the City receives half of the net revenues
from any such sale. The contract provides that the 49ers can sell naming
rights, without any further City approval, if:

the sale is to one of five pre-approved companies
named in the contract;
theCity's anticipated revenue from the sale equals or exceeds $3 million;
the sale complies with the City's advertising

In September 2004, the 49ers sold the naming
rights for the stadium to Monstercable, and the City received approximately $3
million. The 49ers’ agreement with Monstercable ended in 2008. The City's
naming rights contract with the 49ers remains in effect and does not expire
until the end of the City's stadium lease to the 49ers.

In November 2004, the voters approved Proposition
H, an ordinance requiring that the stadium be named "CandlestickPark." Proposition H did not terminate the City's preexisting
naming rights contract with the 49ers.

Proposition _C_ would repeal Proposition H, which
requires the stadium to be named "CandlestickPark."
Proposition _C_ would allow the City to consent
to a new naming rights sale under the existing 49ers’ contract, even if it is
not with one of the five pre-approved companies listed in the contract.
Proposition _C_ would also allow the City to amend the existing contract or
enter into a new naming rights contract if the existing one is terminated. Any such
consent, change or new contract would be subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors.

PROP. D - Ordinance: Mid-Market Special Sign

Special Sign District -Title & Summary (PDF)

Straw Poll Vote: 0 -
Yes 12 – No 0 – No Recommendation

In 2002, voters adopted an ordinance prohibiting
new general advertising signs
anywhere in the City. San Francisco's Municipal Code also prohibits all general
advertising signs on Market Streetbetween the Embarcadero and Octavia Boulevard(the Market Street Special Sign District).
General advertising signs are outdoor signs that advertise goods or services
sold somewhere other than where the sign is displayed. These signs include
billboards and signs attached to buildings.


Proposition _D_ is an ordinance that would create
a special sign district on and near Market Street between 5th and 7th streets to allow new general advertising signs in
that district. This district would not be subject to the City-wide ban on new
general advertising signs or the ban on all general advertising signs in the
Market Street Special Sign District.

Proposition _D_ would authorize the existing
nonprofit organization, the Central Market Community Benefit District toregulatesigns
in the special district and select companies allowed to install signs.

Signs would be subject to restrictions. New signs
could include:

roof signs
wind signs
video signs
rotating signs
wall signs
signs with moving parts, and
signs with illumination.

Some of the restrictions deal with height,
position, movement and total illumination. Each individual sign could be no
larger than 500 square feet.
Proposition _D_ would require property owners to
deposit a percentage of revenue from signs into a fund managed by the CBDand audited by the City Controller. Properties used
for the arts would contribute 20% of sign revenue and all others 40%. This fund
would be used for:

  * youth cultural and arts education, and
  * Building and operating a ticket booth at HallidiePlaza( Market and Powell Streets) for sale of tickets to art, entertainment and cultural venues..
The fund could also be used for:
· CBDstaff expenses and administrative expenses in
managing the fund, and
· Promoting
arts in Zip Code areas 94102 and 94103

PROP. E - Ordinance: Advertisements on City Property

on City Property - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

on City Property - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

Straw Poll Vote: 0 – Yes 4 – No 8 – No Recommendation

The City regulates general advertising signs on
street furniture, which includes transit shelters, kiosks, public toilets,
benches and newspaper racks, and other structures on public sidewalks and
places. The City contracts with private companies to provide public facilities
such as toilets and transit shelters and authorizes those companies to sell
advertising space on or around these facilities.

In 2002, San Franciscovoters adopted an ordinance amending the
Planning Code to prohibit new general advertising signs on all buildings in the
City, including City-owned buildings.

In 2007, the voters adopted a declaration of
policy that the City not increase the number of general advertising signs on
street furniture above the number authorized by City law and City contracts as
of July 1, 2007.

Proposition _E_ would prohibit an increase in the
number of general advertising signs on street furniture above the number
authorized by City law and contracts as of January 1, 2008 (rather than July 1,
2007). This proposition would make the declaration of policy adopted in 2007
into City law.

Proposition _E_ would also add to the
Administrative Code the statement from the Planning Code that new general
advertising signs are prohibited on all buildings in the City. It also
specifies that the prohibition applies to City-owned buildings.

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