November 8 Elections/LPSF Candidate Preferences

Hi Michael,

What Francoise indicated, and we had already taken into consideration at the LPSF meeting in which we voted to get involved in the November 8 elections, is that LPSF cannot endorse a candidate unless he/she is a registered Libertarian. We did not vote to endorse anyone, since as you correctly intimate, we have no horse in this race. What we intend to do is to pick two or three candidates who show the most fiscal responsibility and most leaning towards social freedoms, and state such on the LPSF website.

Nothing in our bylaws prevents the LPSF from discussing candidates, or even supporting them. All that our bylaws prevents is endorsement of non-Libertarians. Endorsement is described as allowing the candidate in question to print LPSF's name in his/her literature as an endorser.

Again, I understand you sentiment, but continue to maintain that the LPSF should do a bit more than meet for pizza once a month.


Dear Marcy,

I understand your perspective.

Unfortunately, promoting a mainstream politician on our site can easily and
understandably be interpreted as an LPSF endorsement. It's best to avoid
this appearance. Otherwise we begin to look Republican-lite.

As Harry Browne advised: highlight what differentiates us from the
Demopublicans, not how we're similar. The latter would not excite
disaffected voters or undiscovered libertarians. Why embrace a pale
carbon-copy statist party when you can get the real thing?

There are more constructive things we can do and already do at our meetings
than this. Perhaps just eating pizza (joke).

Warm regards, Michael