Notes from Mesha of the Idriss Stelley Foundation on a recent police newsletter

Noteworthy, among other things, is how the police are calling it "aggressive panhandling" to simply stand on a median strip and flag down cars.

    The material in parentheses was added by mesha, as was the boldface and color highlighting of various words in the newsletter.

Love & Liberty,

        ((( starchild )))

Northern Station Newsletter
Captain Croce Casciato
August 20, 2008

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. In this newsletter you will
read about some outstanding arrests the men and women of Northern
Station have made. The last few weeks have been busy with the start of
the Olympics and the attention it has been bringing to the Chinese
Consulate. Officers are doing a remarkable job making sure that
everything remains secure at the Consulate.

Here are some of the great arrests

that were made in the last several weeks.


On August 1, Officer Ferreirra made three arrests (VanNess/Ellis,
VanNess/McAllister, VanNess/Pine) on subjects who were aggressively
panhandling. The subjects were panhandling on the medians along VanNess
Avenue flagging down cars as they were driving by or stopped at a red
light. Each of the arrested subjects had been arrested prior for the
same violation.

Thursday, August 14, 7:30pm, Narcotic Arrest, Probation Violation:
Recruit Officer Smith, Recruit Officer Hintzen and FTO Officer Pomatto
were in the area of Elm and Polk when they observed a subject
obstructing the entrance to a garage complex. The officers made contact
with the subject who told them she was on felony probation. A computer
check confirmed her status and the officers conducted a probation
search. During the search the officers located a crack pipe. The
officers also located narcotics that the subject was hiding under her
tongue. The subject was placed under arrest and booked at Northern

Thursday, August 14, 4:30pm, Narcotic Arrest: Officer Griffin and
Officer Spagnuolo were on patrol in the area of Hemlock and Larkin when
they observed a subject attempting to hide a brown paper bag. The
officers, knowing that subjects conceal alcoholic beverages in brown
paper bags, stopped to investigate. As the officers approached the
subject they could see his was clenching his right fist very tightly.
The subject then opened his fist and let and item fall to the ground.
That item happened to be “crack” cocaine. The subject was placed under
arrest. I guess you shouldn’t try to “hide” your beer from the cops
when you are holding “crack” in your hands. (Gee, Thanks for funny joke, Captain....)

Friday, August 15, 8:45am, driving with a Suspended License, Possession
of Narcotics (no dahlink, Marijuana is NOT a "Narcotic"): Officer Minkel and Officer Aslam were on patrol in the
area of Buchanan and Herman when they observed a traffic violation.
They pulled the vehicle over and ran a computer check on the driver.
The driver had a suspended license. The officers conducted a search of
the vehicle prior to it being towed and found a large zip lock bag in
the center console. The bag was filled with marijuana. More marijuana
was also found in the car as the officers finished their search. The
subject was placed under arrest and booked at Northern Station.