North Korean Crisis---Who's Really to Blame

The 'conservative' media rats are wringing their hands in gleeful anticipation of atomic war with North Korea. The main theme seems to be that they can blame such a catastrophe on Obama---nothing like a few million dead, we suppose, when the GOP's future is at stake.

They tell us that North Korea's recent belligerence stems from perceived weakness in the Obama Administration, some even going so far as posit the absurd claim that their actions were provoked by Obama's recension of torture.

Despite this cynical spin, North Korea is behaving aggressively now because they fear Obama. Last Fall, the world watched as the impotent Bush Administration was exposed as a paper tiger by Putin's brinkmanship. The ongoing failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the massive deficits to China--all demonstrated to the North Korean leadership that the US was in no position to enforce its will. Now that Obama is changing the dynamic, the US is poised to recover its military prowress. The North koreans believe they might not have another chance.

As usual, this is another typical case of the neocons blaming the opposition for situations they themselves caused. These same pundits who are howling that Obama should have attacked North Korea when it test-fired its last missle had nothing to say when the North Koreans test-fired a missle in 2006 and Bush did nothing. These same loudmouths want us to believe too, that the North Koreans suddenly developed atomic weapons since Obama's inauguration when it's obvious they were planning them secretly right under the noses of the incompetent Bush Administration.

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