NORML Conference

I finally spoke with Terry Floyd, and it turned out that the East Bay
LP did not join us in voting to appropriate money toward a booth. He
said their members felt it was overpriced (can't argue with that) and
questioned the value we would get from such a presence. The idea of
having stuff to sell at future booths in order to make such
opportunities more cost-effective was also discussed.

  Anyway, Terry is planning to go tomorrow and buy a one-day pass in
order to walk around and pass out literature. We could pay for the
entire booth ourselves, or use some of the $200 we appropriated to buy
similar individual passes, but I recommend against it. Apparently the
vendor area is open free to the public, and I think it would make more
sense to just go and hand stuff out in that area without paying, and
let people attend the conference itself individually if they want to
buy tickets.

  Friday and Saturday have been busier than Thursday at past NORML
conferences, but if anyone else is interested in checking it out today,
I'd be game.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

Hi Starchild,

1. According to Sandy Pierce of EBL, the Free State Project does not
want to share a table with the LP, because they are trying to project
an image of indenpendence from political parties. So they are out,
the last I heard.

2. The $200 we voted at the last meeting was to share a table with
EBL or the Free State Project (when at the time, we did not know
their plans). Richard Newell subscribes to this list -- Richard, are
you listening?!?

3. We have some articles from Lawrence Samuels (no pamphlets) which
I will be happy to copy a bunch.

4. Yes, I agree we do need some "local" pamphlets, but unless we
design some ourselves, what?

5. Phil Berg and Mike Denny are taking care of the attorney review
phase of the Ballot Initiative; and I would assume that is a long
process. Maybe a 'sup? e-mail is in order to see how they are doing.

6. I am not sure we can legally propagate information about a ballot
initiative prior to filing. Maybe the attorneys can give us some
guidance on that.



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