Norman Yee being consistent?

Hi Marcy,

  I think I recall you saying, or possibly Aubrey relating that you had said, that you met Norman Yee during the recent campaign for District 7 supervisor, and that he told you frankly that he was a progressive, and you appreciating his frankness. Was this what happened, or did I get it wrong? I'm asking because I just read a Chronicle story from Dec. 26 in which the newly-elected supervisor is quoted as saying he rejects the label:

"Yee was painted as a progressive by opponents during his campaign in District 7, one of the city's most moderate supervisorial districts. He rejects that label, pointing to his history as executive director of the nonprofit Wu Yee Children's Services -- which he grew from a small, struggling organization to a $10 million-a-year child care and family services operation -- as well as his emphasis on small businesses, job creation and fiscal responsibility."

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

You remember correctly. I did say that Normal Yee impressed me when I said I was a Libertarian activist and he said he was progressive. I remain well impressed, since the article seems to put words in Mr. Yee's mouth by indicating he rejects the progressive label. The way I see it, one can start businesses, support small businesses, etc. and yet be progressive. For example, a business owner who expects government subsidies in my view would be a progressive.