[[NoOnProp8-SF] Marching Forth on March 4th]

Dear Rob,

I suggest placing on the Agenda also. I understand the sentiment of
the vigil, but am not clear on what it wants to accomplish. We might
want to discuss what it is exactly LPSF would be lending its name to.


Are we (LPSF) in for doing this? If so, I'll ask for us to be on the
flyer. But I want people to commit to participating in and helping


the event.


2. We have already been talking with Geoff of EQCA and others and want
to pull together a large community candlelight vigil and march from the
Castro to the steps of the CA Supreme Court steps on March 4th - the
night before oral arguments - we are working on the flyer and want to
list everyone who is co-sponsoring this vigil and agreeing to help out,
speak and spread the word - can you confirm we can list your
organization/s - We anticipate this may be a national action - and for
sure a statewide one - we are in the process of pulling together the
details for the various locations around the state who will also be
Marching Forth on March 4th in support of love and justice. Let me