[[NoOnProp8-SF] Come Out to Sunday's Golden Gate Bridge Walk for Marriage Equality and Pick up Visibility Materials]

Hmm. All I know is that there's a suggested $10 donation per yard sign,
and that we can pick them up at any of the 15 regional offices in the
state (http://noonprop8.com/events?id=0017 -- call number on your
county/region page for directions) or at events like the Bridge Walk on
the 14th. (They're being a little tight with things like yard signs,
lapel buttons, etc. because research shows that yard signs have very
small bang for the buck compared to TV and radio ads.) Attached is a
PDF that you can print out and use as a window sign in the meantime.
Most of us in the City don't have yards, so the window signs were all I
really have been dealing with.


Tim Campbell wrote:

noon8window.pdf (286 KB)