Nolan Running Second On Amazon

Dear Friends,

Gary Nolan continues to run a strong second at
Here are the standings as of 9:00am (Eastern) Wednesday morning


Candidate # Cont $ Cont
John Kerry (D) 543 $19,569
Gary Nolan (L) 378 $12,140
Howard Dean (D) 359 $10,148
Wesley Clark (D) 330 $ 9,157
John Edwards (D) 274 $ 9,194
Dennis Kucinich (D) 92 $ 1,776
Michael Badnarik (L) 70 $ 1,421
Al Sharpton (D) 34 $ 730
Joe Lieberman (D) 18 $ 365
Fern Penna (D) 6 $ 37
George Bush (R) Not Participating

Gary's surprising strength has already led to a great article in
the Seattle Post (available at and increasing
interest from the media in his campaign. That interest would be
even greater if we could widen Gary's lead over the rest of the
Democratic field, and narrow the gap between Gary and frontrunner
John Kerry.

We need your help to make that happen. If you haven't already
donated $200 to the Gary Nolan for President campaign at,
here's what you need to do to contribute:

1. Go to
2. Click on the "Presidential Candidates" link
3. Scroll down until you find Gary Nolan's picture & click
4. Make a contribution of $5 to $200 dollars.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We
really appreciate your support.

You can also show your support (literally) by purchasing or
downloading some of the new campaign promotional materials available
at (Side Menu, under Resources):

* Buttons: LP activist Carol Moore is producing & selling Gary Nolan
for President buttons and donating part of the proceeds to the
campaign. Go to and select "Campaign Buttons". Or, if
you would like to produce your own buttons locally, the graphic


will soon be available in our "Downloadable Tools" section.

* Flyers, Stickers, and Signs: These items can be downloaded from and printed on your home printer or a local copy shop.
And more tools for grassroots campaigns will be coming soon. Go to and select "Downloadable Tools".

* Gary Gear: A complete line of Gary Nolan T-shirts, sweatshirts,
coffee mugs, posters, and other campaign promotional items are now
available to help you promote Gary's positive Libertarian campaign


work or at play. Go to and select "Gary Gear".

Thank you again for all your support. Together, we will make this


most successful and visible Libertarian Presidential campaign ever!

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager
Gary Nolan for President

P.S. Please forward this message to friends, family,
fellow Libertarians, and anyone else you think
may be interested in helping challenge the two-party
duopoly in Washington. If they're as fed up with what's going on in
Washington as you are, encourage them to visit and