Nolan in 2nd, closing in on Kerry

By the way, I just got back from Sonoma and heard a
few words from Gary at the end. He mentioned the
Amazon donation site and a few additional details.
Apparently, there was some 'technical glitch' that
arose yesterday that somehow blocked new
contributions, but somehow it only affected Nolan
campaign. Hmmm... Anyway, it allowed some of the
others to get in front but as you can see now he
crawling his way back up.

There's also an article in Reuters on this-

Notice how they fail to mention Gary Nolan even though
at the time of writing he was in the lead. How
surprising is that.

cheers, David

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I just wrote Reuters a letter complaining about their failure to mention Gary Nolan leading in donations on I encourage others to do likewise. The address where you can send them feedback is here:

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