noise at cybells

Ok, Maybe I should be a little more nice and politic , but seems as no one else wants my job, I'' just say it.

I went to Cybells last week. Wasn't very hungry, but ordered a piece of pizza with sausage, mushrooms and pepperoni, and drowned it with a beer. Left a nice tip. While waiting for the pizza, I asked to talk to whoever makes reservations. That ould be the owner, Dennis.

I told him that there was new management at the lpsf, . That I understood why he started overbooking our room, because we didn't buy sxxx, and didn't tip for xxxx, and that he had a business to run, and that especially libertarians should understand that if you don't pay , you shouldn't gets.

so entrepreneur to entrepreneur() at least before I I became in my present state of decrepitude), we had an understanding.

I told him that we will start out small, and I didn't expect much oin the way of courtesy, but if it works for us, once ron Paul is given the heave ho by the war mongers, we may have an influx of young blood.

So please reach deep this weekend, order lots of stuff, and or leave a big tip. If you can stuff it directly into Dennis's hand even better.

I pledge 40 bucks to the pizza fundis month, and will give it to Aubry ifI don't come.
I have been invited to Tahow for e remainder of Gay week by a very close friend from Baltimore. It is my chanch to have a caring guide to bring ion a social setting. so please excuse me if I sit this one out.

Those who like quiet, dig deep for the pizza fund and we are likely to be able to have a room for ourselves sooner, or more reliably.



  I don't think you were wearing your good negotiating hat when you went to Cybelle's. It sounds like you were presenting the restaurant's position instead of ours! I think prospective venues should be given the message that (a) we're a small but committed group, and we'll remember who treats us well, (b) we'll be giving them free publicity via our website, Meetup, and communications, (c) it's in their own interest to help us, because we're fighting to keep government off the backs of businesses like theirs, and (d) if they appreciate freedom and want to support grassroots groups in the community, it's the right thing to do!

  Personally I don't intend to "dig deep" for pizza, because (a) I'm not interested in eating much pizza, and (b) I would rather we don't meet at Cybelle's again, and so have little interest in bribing the owner to offer us exclusive use of a room. In any case, the main problem with the upstairs area wasn't that we weren't the only ones in it, but rather the noise coming up from downstairs.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

When in Ventura I asked the folks from LA, East Bay , San Bernadino, and all meet in restaurants with booze, as does Marin, as I have been there with Kevin.

There is a dor to the room at Cybells and for a long time we were able to meet privately there.

It was only when the owner decided that he was net losing on our business that he opened the door and booked over us.

We looked for other places in the past and no one found any place willing to dedicate a room that had food and booze.

If anyone can find another place , especially one with such a good location fjor public transit and access to our westerly members, great.

Most of the other folks meet on weekday evenings. Ibelieve thathat Tuesdays would guarantee us a room at Cybells in quick order.

Starchild, paying a man for use of his property is not bribing.

Ok lets say its a busy Saturday.

You have a regular customer wo has been with you for years who expects his weekly back mmassage for 150 and he always tips well. Then the next day you have another regular customer who only pays you 26 for a foot massage and never tips.

Now a customer comes along who iwants a one time full monte for a thousand bucks.

Will you book him over the 25, guy, probably

Will you book him over the steady 150 dollar guy who depends onyou and shows it by alreays treating you right, probably not.

The man is alreday a libertarian hero. He is enged in free enterprise against all odds in San Francisco. He is entitled and in fact required to make economic decisions every minuste of every day when dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and the the myriad of government busy bodies and thieves.

Theats hero enough for me.

so , IMHO food and drink are imperative.

and all the succesful local parities I know of do it.

I believe that Cybells can work, esjpecially if we shift ot a week night.

I also offer my house, I have two adjacent room and get on craigs list and get some folding chairs.

Pit luck and two buck chuck is fine by me.

I'm a block form the J and 3 blocks from the catro stop.

Other suggestions are welcome.


I've arranged meetings for various groups, with as many as 20 people,
at Thai Stick, 925 O'Farrell (bet. Van Ness & Post). They always seem
to be empty, there's no minimum charge, and it's quiet.

Warm regards, Michael


  The location is pretty central, but the Thai Stick doesn't have a separate room available for us, do they? Do you think it would work to have a meeting of 20+ people there, where everyone is able to speak loudly enough to be heard by the rest of the group, without it being a problem with other diners? In other words, are you pretty sure that Thai Stick would make a better long-term venue than the library? If so, I'd support a move, but if not I'm inclined to support staying where we are until we find a promising long-term location, since frequent changes to our meeting location seems counter-productive to attracting more attendees.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))


Good questions.

Since I'm in a time crunch now, I'll save the answers for our
discussion about it tomorrow. (If you reread my earlier email, you'll
find much of this already addressed.)

Warm regards, Michael