Noe Valley Democratic Meeting This Sunday

Hi All! Got a call about the Noe Valley people meeting this Sunday afternoon to go over their recommendations for the state and local ballot measures and the candidates too. As always, we appear to be the only folks opposing A, C, E, and G, since they need someone to speak against these measures. It doesn't look like Starchild will be able to go and present the Libertarian side this time. Can anyone else help out on any of the measures? I'm not keen to do public speaking, as you know, but I don't think we should miss this opportunity, even though Noe Valley is Noe Valley, and these folks are inclined to vote for all these measures anyway, no matter what we say. Our slot is from 2:35-2:55 PM (for all 4 measures) September 9 at a residence in Noe Valley around 23rd and Noe (same house as last year). I can help to pick-up and deliver any willing speakers. Worst case scenario I might do 1 or 2 measures, if no one else steps up. It makes our
arguments look bad if no one shows up to voice them. Please help if you can!



I will consider going with you. I am NOT a good public speaker and definitely
not good at extemporaneously answering questions at a public forum, but we need
someone to present the no side. I don't know if I am going to be asked to work
on Saturday yet, but I should know by tonight. I will do my best to be at the
Sat meeting.


The more the merrier as far as I am concerned, but I probably can come to the Noe Valley Democratic Club and speak on Sunday afternoon.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

I can help you Aubrey...I'm at the address below. We can discuss the measures on the way over. I'll even put on a tie for the crowd if you think it would help.

But I do need to get back right's my son's birthday and I'm hosting a big party that night.


Hi All! Thanks to Mike, Les, and Starchild for coming to the rescue. I'd rather have 100 lashes than speak in public! Let's firm up tomorrow who precisely will be there and who's covering what. The Noe Valley lady said it's a smaller group of around 20 folks in someone's home, so no reason to freak out about it. A professional appearance is always a good thing, so a tie is good (but not too tight), but even with the most logical and persuasive arguments, you'd need more than a smart-looking tie to sway the Noe Valley folks our way. Thanks, guys, now I can concentrate on other things and not worry about speaking.

The calls have been coming in left and right just about every day now regarding our opposition to the 4 measures. I can barely keep up with them. Yesterday another lady from the League of Women Voters called me at work and asked me to discuss our opposition to A. It turned out to be kind of a phone interview. Fortunately my work on the rebuttal (and Marcy's excellent research) gave me plenty of ammunition, so I was able to rattle off so many reasons that the poor lady could barely keep up with my jabbering. She said that information would be used in their literature to cover the "con" side. Then today out of the blue I got a call from someone from the District 11 Democratic Club requesting the con arguments for A, C, E, and G. Their meeting is tomorrow, and due to the unbelievably late notice, I said we wouldn't be able to send anyone, but I agreed to write up something tonight and send it to her for presentation in their meeting
tomorrow. So I will burn the midnight oil tonight doing more research on C and E and send her something on all 4 measures. Not as good as the real McCoy but better than nothing.

As for Les's suggestion about writing up something for the ballot measures, thanks Les, Starchild and I were just discussing that on Tuesday evening after the Potrero Hill Democratic meeting. Some of the folks representing one side of an issue made up nice flyers and information sheets to pass out to the group as they were speaking. This, we decided, is a great idea and something we should do too; since we're getting invited to so many forums and meetings, we should make the most of them. The project I'm working on tonight will be the basis of four informational sheets that we can distribute at these forums when we speak, as well as the press releases that I hope to issue soon. If you have time between now and the meeting tomorrow and can sit down for a bit and come up with interesting tidbits and facts for any of the measures, please jot them down and we can discuss them and add them to my sheets tomorrow at the meeting. If you can't
attend, just post your ideas on the Activist List. For the Noe Valley meeting on Sunday, our sheets will have to be a little rushed, but for the ones coming up in the weeks ahead, we have time to fine tune them a bit.

As for the question of what to put on the website, originally we said something brief like a sentence. Now the question comes up of something purely Libertarian versus the nuts and bolts. I'm not keen on the idea of the reader having to go somewhere else to read the nuts and bolts, so I now think we should expand our "brief" reason to include Les's pure Libertarianism (one sentence) and then maybe a sentence or two of Marcy's nuts and bolts, all included in the short explanation of the measure and our recommendation. I think the pure Libertarianism is good so folks know why we think the way we do, but in most cases, they're not so much into philosophy, so the specifics will mean more to them. This doesn't need to be a manuscript--I think 3 sentences per ballot measure isn't that taxing to read. We can discuss this more tomorrow.

Lastly, thanks to Marcy for the reminder about the 54 candidates. In all the hoopla over the ballot measures, I almost forgot about that part! Mind you, after inviting Joel to our meeting a few months ago, and the negative reception he received from us, I didn't think there was much interest in recommending any candidates, but let's discuss this tomorrow too, if time allows. We will need Starchild's inside knowledge, as Marcy pointed out, to weed out the undesirables. Will there be anyone left? As for Joel, I have exchanged emails with him on and off since the meeting, and I have to say I'm rather disappointed in him and will not be putting his sign in my front window next to Gary Johnson's. Mind you, I will vote for him, because I'm pretty sure he's still better than the lot and could be someone we could work with if he were to be elected. The final straw for me was when I asked him if he would sign on with us on any of the rebuttal
arguments, and he waited until 9:55 AM on the Monday morning when the rebuttals were due to respond that it was kind of late and he supported some of the measures anyway. (I believe he opposed A but liked E.) Even if he had just signed on with us against A, that would have shown at least some attachment to our ideas, but since he didn't make the effort, I feel I cannot fully support him.

Sorry for my own manuscript!


I have been busy making up a flyer that we can pass out at the Sunday meeting. I
will bring it and we can discuss.